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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

An anxiety disorder I experienced

An anxiety disorder I experienced

The main character is a young girl named Anna, looking back on her two years of illness experience, can be described in these words, fear, anxiety, loss, hopelessness, frustration, helplessness, like falling into the “hell” of life, and Let's hear how she suffered from the anxiety.

First anxiety attack at a dinner party

One evening at the beginning of the year before last, I was doing something when a friend called me to go to a party, and I felt dizzy and uncomfortable in my stomach when I arrived in a hurry. As soon as I sat down, I felt a sharp panic attack, so I hurried to the sofa next to me and laid down for a moment.

Then I felt a palpitation, my heart was racing and I couldn't catch my breath, so my friend took me to the hospital and I remember feeling like I was going to die. The doctor gave me a series of tests, blood, ECG, CT, but the results showed no abnormalities in my body.  After leaving the hospital, I dragged my exhausted body back home.

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder

As days passed, I was terrified that the same feeling would come again. But the more I dreaded it, the more possible it would happen. One night a week later, as I was watching TV, my heart was racing and the near-death feeling struck me again. I couldn't stand up at all, and I was completely out of control. After 20 minutes, it started to get better. But half a month later it happened again, then the intervals became shorter and shorter, I began to spend almost every day in a state of anxiety and panic.

Six months later, the attacks became more frequent and I was unable to live a normal life. My mother took me to the hospital for a full medical checkup, but all results such as heart showed everything was fine. I suspended my studies and took time off to rest at home, but things hadn't become any better. I couldn't be alone and started avoiding all the social and activities that I had before, and I didn't like to go to crowded places. It was necessary for my family to stay with me even more at night. Palpitations, panic attacks, shortness of breath and fear surrounded me all the time. Day after day, each day I felt that I was at my last day!

The November before last, my mother found a professional doctor. After a series of tests, the doctor said my condition was acute anxiety disorder, which is characterized by panic attacks without warning.  The doctor also said that psychological adjustment was the key, and then prescribed anti-anxiety medication for me. After taking the medication at night, I felt uncomfortable all over, too dizzy to stand and my stomach cramped, I began to vomit. Later, I went to the doctor and changed to another anti-anxiety medication. After taking it for twenty days, I felt no effect, and my appetite became worse.


How I relieved my anxiety

My state has become worse and worse under the effect of psychological suggestion since I was diagnosed, and the number of panic attacks has become more and more frequent. Sometimes when I heard people say I looked so bad, I would have a panic attack soon when I arrived home; sometimes I would have a real panic attack when I was thinking about “anxiety”; sometimes I would have a sudden panic attack when I was sleeping.

Later, my family found another psychologist, who told me that it was completely an illusion caused by extreme mental stress, and that I was actually in good health. Then I was told about the causes of this disease, as well as adjusting my life, and I was also encouraged that I must strengthen my physical exercise. After leaving the hospital, I tried to relax my body.  Over the next few days, my mind gradually began to relax as well.

When I got home, I made a schedule and asked for my family to run with me every night. Occasionally, when I felt uncomfortable, my family was there to comfort and encourage me and help me walk. After a few weeks of sticking to it, I found that I was feeling pretty good. Gradually, everything slowly began to return to normal.

My parents often give me psychological guidance, advising me not to ask for too much perfection, and not to carry the pressure alone, you can look for help from others

Now, anxiety is getting away from me. And my ways to relieve anxiety are:
1. exercise. Exercise can vent emotions in time and also make me sleep better.
2. support and encouragement from family and friends.
3. self-psychological suggestion and adjustment. I am saying to myself every day [I am fine, I am fine]

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