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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Anxiety Disorder Stages Division 【Ⅰ】

Anxiety Disorder Stages Division 【Ⅰ】

The division of patterns at all stages of anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder patients will have a sense of loss of control, do not know what is wrong with themselves, what will happen next, very confused and helpless.Once a patient knows that anxiety disorders are changing in several relatively fixed stages and each has its own characteristics of the mode,they will understand their own situation, which itself has a very good healing effect.

In clinical, the stage and mode of the patient's development are beneficial to the doctor-patient communication and the choice of treatment plan.The following to acute anxiety disorders (panic disorders) as an example, and a phased pattern division of anxiety disorders is carried out.

[Initial stage]

Brewing mode

This mode is experienced by all anxiety disorder patients, who are less defensive in the nervous system because they stay up late, sedentary,do not exercise, indulge in, abuse of drugs and other bad habits, or because of long-term stress in life and work.Specific events such as family changes, real physical illness, emotional disputes can also bring stress.Nervous system began to be hurt, the psychology is in sub-health, chronic anxiety disorder patients at this time began hypochondria, since the start of the scare mode.

Outbreak mode

Because of some inducement, finally broke through the nervous system's defenses, panic attacks. This pattern is something that people with acute anxiety necessarily experience, but not necessarily people with chronic anxiety.This pattern is something that people with acute anxiety necessarily experience, but not necessarily people with chronic anxiety.

If people with chronic anxiety disorders develop panic attacks, they are serious. Acute anxiety patients on the first panic attack, looks aggressive, but in fact as long as the timely treatment, it is very easy to heal.

[Development Stage]

Confused mode

Patients are confused, unbelievable, incomprehensible about what has happened to them, and begin to seek answers.This pattern appears earlier in people with chronic anxiety, but because the physical changes in chronic anxiety disorder occur slowly, the process is longer, and that sudden sense of panic, and the rush to find answers, is something that must be experienced by people with acute anxiety disorder.In addition, patients with chronic anxiety disorders will feel their own psychological problems as the disease progresses, but patients with acute anxiety disorders often do not admit to having psychological problems,because they may be all normal before the panic attack.

Giant mode

This is the road to anxiety disorder, both acute and chronic anxiety disorder experience.Brewing mode just sent you to the door of anxiety disorder, really to the extent of anxiety disorder, you have to magnify this "victory".It's as if there is a devil in your heart that you suppressed, but in brewing mode your nervous system weakens, which is tantamount to opening a cage, and the demon begins to act.At this time you go to give it nutrition, it will slowly grow up, and become a huge devil. Your fear, disgust, and impatience are nourishment for your demons.Acute anxiety disorder only needs to attack three panic attacks a month, producing a lot of fear energy, you can quickly develop the heart demon into the king. When giants develop, it means that anxiety disorders really find you.

[Severe stage]

Collapse mode

This pattern is not a must. Patients enter a collapse mode because of suspicion, impatience, loss of confidence and patience, theoretical confusion, or external stimulation that has not been eliminated.More patients come in because they give up treatment and choose to resist on their own. In this mode, they enter the ineffective period of psychological regulation, they continued in a state of stress, and unable to study and work.

Hell mode

Only a very small number of patients will be severe to this extent.This is the ultimate mode of anxiety disorder, but also the greatest power of anxiety disorder, extreme anxiety, extreme stress response, extreme fear, all persistent, patients at this time only to seek relief as soon as possible, can no longer support.

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