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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Anxiety Disorder Stages Division 【Ⅱ】

Anxiety Disorder Stages Division 【Ⅱ】

[Stalemate Stage]

Tug-of-war mode

You don't get cured without going through tug-of-war mode, which is when the symptoms come back and forth, unlike in the severe stage when the patient is constantly at the bottom.The symptoms of this time rise and fall like a parabola, as if you are in a tug-of-war with this giant. You pull one way and the giant pulls the other, but the patient is still at a disadvantage, and the rope is always on the giant's side.This mode is a good time for psychological adjustment, all kinds of theories can be used for the patient, the suitable is the best.

See-saw mode

This mode is the most interesting one, normal thinking and anxiety disorder can be quickly converted, physical symptoms also come and go,like two people tug-of-war, quickly one after another, patients in normal people > anxiety disorder, anxiety disorder > normal people between the two roles quickly switch, one minute also feel how I can be afraid of this or that, after a minute I'm afraid again.By this time the giant has become smaller,it is neck and neck with the patient, and the patient began to gain the upper hand  to win the initiative.Psychological regulation in this model can play a more obvious role than drugs, it will make many patients feel that they have been very strong, so as to reduce drugs and stop drugs without authorization.

[Mild stage]

Glass mode

To this mode, patients do not need to tug of war, also do not need to seesaw, nerve is in a slight injury, patients can easily live, work, mild physical symptoms become very easy to accept, when the distracting thoughts come, psychological regulation is no longer difficult.But the experience of fear has not gone away, sometimes the state will be inexplicably low, such as the sudden thought that he is an anxiety disorder patient, and the external stimulation will still affect the patient's sensitive nervous system, triggering anxiety, and aggravating the physical symptoms.The patient has a vitreous heart that requires further repair.This model also has a strange phenomenon,that is, many patients who do not take medicine, delay the treatment opportunity, rely on their own to survive to this model, or arbitrarily reduce drugs and stop drugs resulting in repeated attacks of patients, they often can only stay here, unable to progress.

Shadow mode

By this mode, the patient is basically normal, and in daily life and work is not much different from before the illness.There are no somatic symptoms at all, or only have very mild somatic symptoms,it is no longer a major problem.The patient will be a normal person for most of the time, and has regained all kinds of interests in life. When he is very happy, he has forgotten the words of anxiety disorder.But the problem is that the distracting thoughts are not completely eliminated, and the memory of painful experiences and terrible feelings is still very deep. From time to time, it will come up to remind the patient that you are not a normal person, and then it will make the patient nervous and depressed for a while.When these thoughts arise, the residual symptoms act as a synergist, even if they are pseudo symptoms,also have the same effect.

[Consolidation stage]

Laddering mode

The shadowing mode is basically normal, and by the Laddering mode, the patient is completely normal.In this mode, the presence or absence of symptoms and distractions makes no difference because the patient no longer cares about them at all.In this mode, the external stimuli and inner distracting thoughts that patients once worried about are no longer problems, and they can calmly think and face them.The problem now is that the patient may not have any abnormalities for one or two months and be happy all the time, but once the physical exertion is too large, or encounter a big change in life, the familiar fear will come back: will I be unable to bear it and go back again?When these thoughts occur, the biological electricity may also be emitted to remind you of the painful experiences and feelings you have experienced in the past. But even then, the patient gets over it quickly and the depression doesn't last long. All the patient needs only time.

Rebirth mode

This is not a pattern of anxiety disorder because the patient is completely cured and better than before.Thanks for anxiety disorder, patients can see clearly a lot of things, but also underestimate a lot of things, know what is the most important, the most worthy of treasure, and what can be abandoned.As a result, patients who have experienced anxiety disorders tend to be more satisfied, more happy, and a better person.

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