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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Anxiety Disorder Test

Anxiety Disorder Test

Anxiety disorder is one of the most common neurological conditions, but also second only to depression psychiatric diseases! If you are in anxiety for a long time, it will seriously affect your normal work and life! serious can also lead to irreversible events.The following is an anxiety test, we may wish to test it!

20 questions on the performance test for anxiety disorders (plus 1, not plus 0)

1.I feel nervous and anxious more easily than usual.

2.I feel afraid for no reason.

3.I get upset or frightened easily.

4.I feel like I'm going crazy.

5.I think the problem always goes bad.

6.My hands and feet trembled.

7.I'm troubled with headache, neck and back pain.

8.I feel weak and tired easily.

9.I feel impetuous and not easy to sit quietly.

10.I feel my heart beating fast.

11.I was distressed by a burst of dizziness.

12.I have fainting episodes, or feel as if I am going to faint.

13.It's not easy for me to breathe and exhale.

14.My hands and feet were numb and tingling.

15.I was distressed by stomachache and indigestion.

16.I often have to urinate.

17.My hands are often sweating.

18.I blush and get hot.

19.It's hard for me to fall asleep, and I don't sleep well all night.

20.I often have nightmares.

【Test results announced】

According to their own actual situation to carry out anxiety self-test answer, and finally count the score. If the score is less than or equal to 5 points, you have a good attitude;If your score is between 6 and 13, it means you are in good control of your emotions, but you still have occasional anxiety;A score above 14 is a warning sign that you are worrying too much about life.

These are just some of the questions from the professional test,it's not entirely a reference to anxiety,if you feel that their own problems are very serious, it is recommended to the hospital check or find professional advice!

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