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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder, a disease characterized by a pronounced polarization of emotions.

Manic episodes and depressive episodes are the two main characteristics of bipolar disorder.

The easiest to observe is the manic episode stage, where they can stay energetic, high, irritable stage for a week or two or even months, sometimes they also give a sense of brilliance.

The stage of major depressive episode is less noticeable because they don't have the energy for work and social activities, and they do not want to be found out that they are not in a good state, so they usually stay in their rooms.

Common symptoms of manic episodes:

1. Self-esteem expansion or exaggeration;

2. Sleep demand reduction;

3. Talk more than usual;

4. Leap of thought;

5. Being easily distracted;

6. Increase goal-oriented activities or mental stimulation;

7. Do things without regard to the consequences;

Common symptoms of depressive episodes:

1. Feeling blue almost all the time: feeling empty and hopeless;

2. Loss of interest in all activities;

3. Obvious weight gain or loss;

4. Insomnia or drowsiness almost every day;

5. Mental agitation or delay;

6. Feel that the life is worthless or that having an inappropriate sense of guilt;

7.Less ability to think and focus, become hesitant;

8.Thoughts of death.

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