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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Classification of anxiety disorders

Classification of anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorder is a general term that can be broken down into several different types of anxiety :

  • The first type is called panic disorder. The first characteristic of panic disorder is sudden onset, the second is repeated, and then almost at least once a month on average, this is called panic disorder. Some people suddenly sit up in the middle of the night, feel unable to breathe, feel uncomfortable, heart beating all the time, this is a typical panic disorder.
  • The second is called agoraphobia, a large number of people do not understand what is called agoraphobia, that is, many people do not dare to go, see the crowd is uncomfortable, can not queue in the supermarket. And then you start to get nervous in places that need to be crowded, which is called agoraphobia.
  • The third is called social phobia, is to meet people, to go to dinner with strangers, to go on stage to speak, nervous like dying, really dying, this is not an exaggeration, is a large number of people on stage before the speech, feel their mouth dry, can not breathe, feel like dying, this is called social phobia.
  • The fourth type is specific phobia. Specific phobia is very interesting, for example, some people are afraid of spiders, as long as the word spider is mentioned, they are scared and shaking, I have seen one of the most interesting cases is a woman who is afraid of her husband's toes will fall off every day, she thinks her husband's toes must be injured when he goes out today, so she worries all day long that her husband's toes will be crushed by the car, will be nailed or something else. Fear of specific objects , this is called specific phobia. Phobia is not a serious mental illness, and it does not mean that the patient has a weak personality. 
  • The fifth type is called generalized anxiety disorder, which is a prolonged period of at least 6 months with symptoms of anxiety. Unlike other symptoms, this type of anxiety has no specific objects and is a diffuse anxiety.
  • The sixth kind is called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), we have heard of the most a real compulsive disorder people, will not stop washing their hands, washing until their hands peel, and keep checking the doors and windows, keep going to see if the doors are locked, after locking up ,she pull again and again . Others look very funny, but he himself just can not stop.

These are what we call the most important manifestations of anxiety disorders. Everyone more or less has some tendencies, but as long as they do not reach the level and requirements of anxiety disorders, do not affect your normal life, and do not make you feel extreme pain, they are all still within the normal range.

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