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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

How to identify anxiety, anxiety states or anxiety disorders ? — Part 3

How to identify anxiety, anxiety states or anxiety disorders ? — Part 3

7、In terms of the development process

  • Anxiety to anxiety state is a quantitative process of gradual fatigue and weakening of the nervous system. This process is reversible (can be self-healing).
  •  From anxiety state to anxiety disorder, a qualitative change occurs, which is caused by fatigue and slight damage to the nervous system, and eventually leads to organic damage to important parts of the brain nervous system. This process, once developed, is almost irreversible (difficult to heal on its own) and requires formal treatment.

 (Note: Anxiety - anxiety state - anxiety disorder is one path to developing an anxiety disorder, but it is not the necessary or only path. There can be multiple paths to developing an anxiety disorder, or even to becoming an anxiety disorder directly without going through the evolution of an anxious mood or anxious state without any clear cause.

  •  The transition between anxiety states to anxiety disorders is not as natural as the transition from anxious mood to anxiety states, and generally, anxiety states do not just worsen to the level of anxiety disorders.
  • Many people will only be in an anxiety state for a long time, for years or decades.
  • To qualitatively transform an anxiety state into an anxiety disorder, there is a chasm to cross: the generalization of anxiety!
  • Once an anxiety state is transformed into an anxiety disorder, what the person was anxious about suddenly becomes less important.
  • The things that were stressful and worrisome in the anxiety state become irrelevant in the anxiety disorder. In anxiety disorders, the fears are all about life and death. )

8、In terms of the degree of suspicion

  •  When anxious emotions are present, it is simply a distraction of thinking.
  •  Anxiety state, slowly when there are somatic symptoms appear, emotions will start to become complicated, and suspicion follows. Going to the hospital once for a checkup can gain a period of time without doubts and confidence, the length of which depends on the severity of the anxiety state.
  •  When it comes to anxiety disorder, you won't even be able to dispel your doubts on the spot when the doctor announces that you are fine after the examination. The fact that you can still be confident that you are really not sick means that your anxiety is not serious.

9、In terms of treatment options

  • Anxiety: Self-regulation or psychological counseling only. Medication is not effective.
  • Mild anxiety state: psychotherapy is the main treatment and can be taken without medication or with the aid of medication.
  •  Moderate anxiety state: if self-regulation is ineffective for a long time or even has a tendency to aggravate, medication is needed to assist.
  • Severe anxiety state: medication is the main treatment, supplemented by psychological treatment.


 Note: The difference with anxiety disorders is that anxiety disorders must take medication (and be effective) for a period of time, and psychotherapy can only start to be effective after passing through the attack period. For anxiety states, psychotherapy can be effective directly. At this level, anxiety states are somewhat like anxiety disorders after medication has been taken to control hem.

  •  Anxiety disorders: medication only. Psychotherapy is not effective.

 Note: Anxiety disorders may not be difficult to treat, and anxiety states may not be well treated.

  •  Acute anxiety disorders, if treated in a timely manner, are relatively easy to heal and heal well, and are less likely to recur.
  • In the case of persistent anxiety, however, it will keep recurring and haunting the patient for many years.

 Note: The above analysis is a general rule for general cases and does not include special cases. Exceptions cannot be universally applied and are meaningless

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