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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

How to identify anxiety, anxiety state or anxiety disorder ? — Part 1

How to identify anxiety, anxiety state or anxiety disorder ? — Part 1

Anxiety, anxiety state or anxiety disorder?

From the nervous system

  • Anxiety: No obvious neurological problems, just general fatigue and debility.

          Can be self-healing.

  • Anxiety state: Severe fatigue and weakening of the nervous system, and damage to secondary parts of the nervous system above a moderate level.

          Self-healing is possible: Mild anxiety states have a high likelihood of self-            healing, while severe anxiety states have a low likelihood of self-healing.

  • Anxiety disorders: Damage to major, core parts of the nervous system.

         Not self-healing.

2.In terms of stress state and reaction to external stimuli

  • Anxiety: There is no state of stress, and there is no inexplicable tension and fear. Reaction to external stimuli is normal and insensitive.
  • Anxiety states: Mild intermittent stress reactions can occur in people with severe anxiety states. Sensitivity to external stimuli gradually increases with the severity of the anxiety state. This degree of sensitivity is generally reflected in hypochondria without an imminent fear of death.
  • Anxiety disorders: In a state of continuous stress, with 24/7 tension and fear, without any external cause. Very sensitive to external stimuli, the magnifying glass effect of the nervous system magnifies all sensitivities and the patient perceives a real and imminent danger of death.

 3、In terms of shifting attention and facing acceptance

  • Anxiety: It is easy to shift your attention. Facing acceptance can be done easily.
  • Anxiety state: As the symptoms worsen, it becomes more and more difficult to shift attention. It can be done to face but difficult to accept.
  • Anxiety disorder: Shifting attention is impossible. Cannot do face and accept.

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