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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Job Anxiety

Job Anxiety

First of all, we need to understand is that every business has its pitfalls.If you think that changing your job will relieve your job anxiety, you underestimate the job and underestimate yourself.

Anxiety is because you have your own ideas and requirements for the job.As you get deeper into an industry, you begin to understand all aspects of the industry, and you start to worry about career bottlenecks.The idea that a new industry will solve your anxiety is only temporary, when you get to know the next industry, your job anxiety will come back.

The sources of anxiety at work are personal reasons, the nature of the work, the relationship with colleagues, the relationship between leaders and subordinates, the limited development, the salary, and so on.There are good times and bad times at work.

Everyone's work trajectory is in a fold line of ups and downs, some people just at the bottom of the valley, some people in the valley peak.Your valley bottom may be the valley peak of another person. Looking at your own situation dialectically, you will be more comfortable with your own situation.

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