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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Key Characteristics of Anxiety Improvement

Key Characteristics of Anxiety Improvement

The anxiety disorder brings the patient into a strange world that is super weird, extremely painful and confusing, and also turns the patient from a normal person into a "weird" person that his family, friends and himself cannot understand or accept.

Anxiety completely takes away the positive emotions such as happiness and joy from the patient, but imposes a constant and intense tension and fear on the patient that they cannot get rid of, even in their sleep.

(Emotions aren't either good or bad functionally, but they can be both positive and negative in human experience.)

Along with the pleasure is blocked together ,and loss of interest in the outside world. Your hobbies, food and beauty, not only become uninteresting and tasteless, and you may not even pay attention to these external things of energy, your energy, all used in the " survival ", all the time in the fight with death.

Fortunately, these phenomena are only temporary. With scientific and regular treatment, the condition will continue to improve, and when the level of negative emotions gradually decreases and their duration gradually decreases, finally, one day, you will feel happy again!

Happiness will not come back all at once, it will come back little by little, gradually accumulating.Slowly, without noticing, you will suddenly find one day that you can be happy again!

When you experience this long-lost wonderful emotion again, you will feel that the world you once knew and loved is returning. You can play your favorite games and listen to your favorite music again; your heart can be filled with warmth and joy again when you hug your dog.

Your lost interest in the outside world has been rediscovered!

When you can feel the beauty of the world again and experience happy emotions, it means that you have basically broken away from the abyss of anxiety disorder and returned to the world of normal people. Even though you may still have one foot trapped in the other world of anxiety, but since your whole body has returned to the normal world, there is no longer any "technical problem" in pulling out that foot, just a little patience is enough.

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