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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Key features of anxiety improvement

Key features of anxiety improvement

The brain's amygdala is enlarged and the nervous system is abnormal in patients with anxiety disorders, resulting in the body's survival instincts: safety defense mechanisms are turned on incorrectly and the danger recognition alert system is constantly working online. Since there is no real risk factor for the patient, the risk recognition system puts its attention to everything possible and refuses to let go of the slightest

Small possibilities are significantly magnified and unknown possibilities are hardwired to find clear possibilities. In the survival instinct mechanism, the principle that it is rather to be believed than not to be believed is followed.

In this case, the anxiety sufferer's own mild physical symptoms, or something otherwise normal in the outside world, may be recognized as "dangerous" by the brain's security defense system, and an alarm is issued, causing the body to quickly enter a "fight and flight" state of stress. 

For example, if you feel a premature heartbeat, you will associate it with "sudden death"; if you hear an ambulance siren, you will feel that you are being saved by a doctor; if you see a grave, you will also be prompted that it is death. These alarms are accompanied by strong, uncontrollable tension and fear.

Anxiety patients are always in this kind of extremely sensitive state of nervousness, panic, panic, days like years.

When one day you feel an abnormal heartbeat, although you still feel worried and afraid, but not associated with "sudden death", emotions are not as strong as before; hear the ambulance siren, does not get too much attention anymore ; see the grave, you can also be more calm to walk over, then, congratulations, your nervous system sensitivity is decreasing!

You will find that as the nervous system becomes less sensitive, tension and fear naturally diminish, as well as the association of those bad exaggerated distractions, are quietly changing the content in the direction of normal thoughts

You can also find that psychological adjustment is becoming more and more effective.

Finally, you can go to a funeral like a normal person.

A decrease in nervous system sensitivity is the most critical and obvious feature of anxiety improvement, and can be used to see the degree to which a person with anxiety is improving.

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