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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

social anxiety disorder symptoms

1.stay at home for a long time, unwilling to contact with people or even go out to eat.

 2.afraid of all the need to speak/show their own activities, speak very small because she or he is not confident.

3.Far see the people they know began to tangle is to say hello or detour.

4.The inner world is rich and full of all kinds of imagination, but it shows a silent sense of distance.

5.Party is always a person buried in eating, rarely talk to others, also don't want to talk to others.

6.Obviously very lonely but will refuse most people's invitation, thinking that staying at home is the most comfortable thing.

7.Always dodge other people's eyes when talking, Dare not to look at others, for fear of being snooped into their own hearts.

8.Be afraid to meet new people when she or he move to a new environment (changing schools, jobs, etc.). not maintain friendship, or do not know how to maintain friendship, resulting in junior high school, high school, university are not how to contact.

10.And unfamiliar people communication easy to become a topic stopper, you ask me to answer a few words and then there is no then.

 11.Phone does not leave hand, others think you love to play phone,in fact you are just afraid of embarrassment.

12.Problems that texting can solve never calling.

13.When there are many people, subconsciously hide aside and pretend to be busy.

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