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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

The Difference Between Anxiety Disorder And Depression

The Difference Between Anxiety Disorder And Depression

If you use a short analogy, the symptoms of depression are downward-suppressing, while anxiety and tension in anxiety disorders are alarmingly upward.

Depression: This is a kind of brain biological amine deficiency leads to the overall low mental function and inhibitory psychological disease, the general clinical manifestations of mental activity inhibition, low function, slow and insensitive, physical strength, energy, mental decline;

Anxiety disorders is the brain function alertness increase of psychological diseases, clinical characteristics are panic, tension, vegetative nervous system function hyperfunction, resulting in anxiety, tension without reason.

Often needless worry is one of the typical symptoms of anxiety disorder.Such as they will worry about their relatives, their own property, their own health, and so on, and these situations in ordinary people seem to be very normal, that is, the response of anxiety disorder patients and the actual situation is not consistent or deviation is quite large.

What are the differences between anxiety disorder and depression?

Symptoms manifest themselves in different ways

1. Depression:

Sadness or depression is just one symptom, and depression is often dominated by somatic symptoms.Patients complained of pain (headache, abdominal pain), fatigue, somnipathy, appetite changes, apathy, irritability, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, negative thoughts, relationship stress, feelings of worthlessness, pessimism, guilt, shame, etc.

2. anxiety:

Severe anxiety affects normal function.Common symptoms include: tremors, nervousness, wheezing, sweating, dizziness, inattention, somnipathy, irritability, panic: recurrent panic attacks (symptoms similar to cardiac accidents) ,that can be complicated with agoraphobia. The patient may have somatic symptoms. Alcohol or drug use may be used to control anxiety or depression.

The degree of threat of disease to life and health varies

 Although the two diseases will bring great inconvenience to patients and pose a threat to physical and mental health, the harm they bring is not the same.Because many anxiety disorder patients do not get early treatment, the patient's daily life has posed a great threat.Depression patients bear great pain both physically and mentally, which affects patients to carry out normal social work, and the suicide rate of depression patients is very high, which brings a serious blow to patients' families.

 The pathogenesis of the two is different

Anxiety disorder is a persistent display of anxiety that does not match the actual situation, or anxiety lasts too long to become pathological anxiety symptoms, is a typical mood disorder, while depression is a significant and persistent state of low mood, is a common mood disorder.

 Ⅳ The difficulty of treatment varies

The treatment of anxiety disorders can generally take a very good therapeutic effect, and the prognosis can also recover very well.However, the prognosis of depressed patients is often recurrent symptoms, and the maintenance time of treatment is relatively long.

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