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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

The fate of anxiety sufferers

The fate of anxiety sufferers

Due to abnormalities in the amygdala of the brain, the body defense mechanisms are falsely triggered for anxiety sufferers, and the fight-and-flight system is forcibly turned on, which puts the sufferers into an inexplicable state of stress.

The fight and flight system was originally evolved to deal with the dangers of survival in the outside world. When we are faced with danger, we fight if we can, and flee if we cannot. Whether fighting or fleeing, people become very nervous and excited, their heart rate increases, their blood pressure rises, their hearing and vision become sensitive, and they become physiologically prepared for their next move.

For anxiety sufferers, they don't know what dangers they face. But when the system is on, you either run or fight. For the patient, there's no longer any choice, because, well, it's human instinct.

No one can go against human instincts.

If you are faced with a specific illness, then choosing to fight it is to carry it bravely on your own first, and choosing to avoid it is to rush to the hospital. People with anxiety disorders generally do not feel they have a disease, and many feel they just have a psychological problem. So almost all of them choose to resist at first: Fight it on their own.

Even if some people go to the hospital, turn around in cardiology, emergency department, gastroenterology, and are told by the doctor that there is no problem, they still have to endure it by themselves at a later stage. Or they end up going to the psychiatric department, and when they return home and see the side effects of the medication, that is exactly the “source of danger” that exists. They hurriedly choose to escape, and if they do not take medicine, they still have to suffer in silence.

Patients with anxiety who do not choose formal treatment invariably must fight. For severe patients, they fight almost every minute of every day. They feel surrounded by danger, but there is no real danger.

Because anxiety sufferers feel that danger is as ubiquitous as air, they have no time to relax. This virtual danger makes it necessary for them to be constantly alert. Sleep is also a dangerous thing for them. Whenever the patient is about to fall asleep, the brain wakes them up. Even while sleeping, one eye must be open.

It is a protracted and dissipative war with no chance of winning, where the opponent is actually the patient's own amygdala, which is in an abnormal working state in the brain.

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