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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Two years time, from severe anxiety disorder to basic recovery

Two years time, from severe anxiety disorder to basic recovery

After graduation from university, I didn't find the job I wanted, and my boyfriend who had talked for three years broke up with me. I really didn't know how to live during that period of time.But my mood comes quickly, go also quickly, in the decadent time I suddenly think through, and decided to start again. I changed a city and get a new job, I contact new friends and colleagues, so the new life began.

In the busy work and new social circle, there is no leisure time for me to be sad. Occasionally, I think of unpleasant things, but I just think about it, without too much emotional change.

While everything was going well, anxiety disorder, a nasty thing, found me, and my body developed a series of symptoms.

At first, I caught a cold, and then I began to feel dizzy, flustered and fidgeting for no reason. Go to a hospital to check, the doctor said there was nothing physically wrong, I originally thought it was a cervical vertebra problem caused by sitting in front of the computer for a long time, but now the cervical vertebra problem is not big, so it should not be.

After two days of rest, my body did not improve, but also appeared new symptoms, stomach discomfort, breathing is not very smooth, the heartbeat is fast, sweat, serious will not consciously tremble. I rushed to the hospital, and oddly enough, I stopped shaking when I saw the doctor. A brief examination found nothing wrong.

After I started working, I developed symptoms of anorexia. During that time, the whole person was not good, all over the body was uncomfortable. I went to the hospital to do an examination again, the doctor said there is no problem,he suggested me to see the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist did a test, and the result was severe anxiety. What am I anxious about? I think I'm anxious because I'm sick. After all, I have found the job I wanted when I graduated, and now I am going to get over the breakup. I am not so sad, but I do not know what causes my anxiety.

The symptoms persisted, so I quit my job, I didn't go out every day and no normal social life, sometimes I tried to go out to buy something, I walked back ten minutes and broke a sweat, and then I wasn't in the mood to eat.

I thought I couldn't keep it up, so I took some of the medicine that my doctor had prescribed, but it didn't work. I started looking for information that could help with my anxiety.  I also bought two books, both about self-help from mental anxiety.  In addition to some simple exercise, it has been two years now, I only occasionally have uncomfortable symptoms, but it will not affect my normal life. 

It took me two years to basically recover from the illness and now I can go to work.  So don't be in a hurry for this psychological disease and believe that you will be cured one day.  

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