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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

What does it feel like to have an anxiety disorder?

What does it feel like to have an anxiety disorder?

Personal Experience

I called an ambulance once in April , and the previous medical examination was all about myocardial ischemia and irregular heart rate. One day, I drank two cups of coffee and one cup of tea, and in the evening after taking a shower, I felt suffocated in my chest and could not breathe well. Thinking of the physical examination report between, more and more anxiety and panic. Plus there was a pulmonary embolism in the family for the elderly, and at that moment I felt that I must be having an emergency attack that was life threatening. More and more unable to breathe, my arms and legs were numb , and unable to walk. I had to call an ambulance to carry me.

Oxygen absorption in the car also did not improve, after arriving at the hospital for various examinations and blood tests, there was no serious problem. But still felt the chest suffocation and breathing is not good. The hospital was unable to give injections and other treatments because I had no major problems . Then I was given some oral potassium supplements due to respiratory alkalosis caused by shortness of breath and excessive stress, which made potassium temporarily low. When I got home, it was already 4:00 at night, and it was hard to fall asleep because of poor breathing. When I woke up around 7:00, I felt better, although the symptoms were still there, they were much less severe than during the night.

I went to the outpatient clinic after 8:00 for a review and additional UCG. During the process of queuing, I still felt breathless, with a heart rate of 120+, and I had to bend down to breathe . The color ultrasound results were also fine. The final diagnosis was panic attack and cardiac dysfunction and it is also a kind of vegetative system dysfunction .The symptoms are caused by the nerves, the body itself is fine. . The symptoms are caused by the nerves, the body itself is fine.There is no medication prescribed, but more to remind you to calm . Because I myself is to learn psychology, so I feel there is no problem in the psychological guidance.

After taking medicine for most of the year, I felt much better. In summary, it is an accumulative outbreak caused by years of overthinking, a sensitive and nervous personality from childhood, and an irregular life. It needs to be repaired by time, and by noticing all that can be noticed.

 Part 2 :[Symptoms review and reflection]

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