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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅰ

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅰ

I will begin to comb through my memories, many of which have faded, but some fragments and scenes are still deeply stuck in my mind.

Anxiety disorder has been with me for 12 years.

There is no cure for anxiety. Everyone gets anxious when they encounter something,so, anxiety and fear is one of the normal emotions, but if for a long time can not extricate themselves or seriously affect the life, can not concentrate on doing things, and restless, or has been living in fear and pain, then, you have to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

After everything that caused me serious anxiety passed, I would appear normal for a while, but any flickers in my life would begin to overwhelm me with horrible associations.

In short, I always think of everything to the extreme and bad, and always feel that misfortune will befall me at any time. No sleeping pills? It is to stay up to three or four times a day to sleep, and even open their eyes until dawn.

People keep asking me,

"You're all right, aren't you?"

"Why do you have anxiety?"

The more people who know that I always have sleeping pills in my bag and I take anti-anxiety medications, they say,

"Don't take it, it's too bad."

Others said:

"The doctor gave it to me, and I threw it away."

That's what most people think about anxiety and depression.

I couldn't answer, I couldn't explain. As a senior anxiety patient, I can only simply say that this is a disease, life is not satisfactory and blow will induce the condition, but well lived, there are always such and such things let a person jumpy.

 Doctors say that people with anxiety and depression have different levels of certain hormones. In other words, psychological diseases actually have a physiological basis. There is a saying: happiness is a feeling. Yes, I am the kind of person who often does not feel happiness, but fears that happiness will be lost at any moment.

For someone with major depression, the pain is 10 times worse than mine. Only the patients know the feeling.

Not finished, to be updated …

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