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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅳ

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅳ

Taking medicine is really not scary.

So, to listen to the doctor, do not remember, take medicine on time, do not stop medicine at will.Otherwise, it's easy to slip into deeper anxiety or suicidal behavior.

I want to say that having friends is really a great support for us.At the beginning of the year, a few things happened, it is my friends every night to accompany me to chat late into the night, take me to eat delicious, have been saying "you are really great", just let me out of the shadow gradually. They are all my support.

Thank you, honey

Too many, too many dear friends

I can't name it one by one

It was your love that saved me

It also allows me to stay between this group.

I started the standard treatment again, although now I still dare not stop the medicine, but, at least I will feel ridiculous, Why grieving for people who hurt me and don't matter in my life?Recently, friends told me that  the outside world rumors I was schizophrenic,I also divorced. I could laugh it off.At least I'm no longer harassing my friends in the middle of the night, and I can cook for my friends and family again.

Life, really, is too hard and too tiring for the depressed and anxious.

Happiness, it's all about personal feelings. Even if the same misfortune, some people smile at everything, some live as long as death.


Not finished, to be updated …

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