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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅴ

12 years of living with anxiety disorders Ⅴ

Happiness is such a luxury for people with anxiety and depression.

Yes, the anxious and depressed person is lonely. This loneliness does not depend on how many friends he has in reality, how many positions he holds, how prominent his is in his company, school,family,but in his heart.

Some people actually have a lot of friends, classmates, and even everyone's "pistachios", "bosom sister/brother", but only he knows that he is just a hoarse patient under these disguises.

Recently, a friend advised me to practice yoga, and I've been feeling good for a few months. At least the meditation yoga music will make me relax.

Over the years, I have not always been anxious, and there have been good times, but back and forth, I am still recovering.

So I have always wanted to do a special topic about depression and anxiety, hoping that we can recognize it, face it, and get through loneliness and depression together.

If you also suffer from anxiety and depression,

Please finish reading these articles,

If your family,

You have people like that in your life,

Please be his(her) support,

Because your care is important to him (her).

I don't have a strong heart, maybe I'll never be able to be calm and elegant, but I should live well for more people who love me.

Cherish the present



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