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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

5 years of anxiety disorder patients self-report【Ⅰ】

5 years of anxiety disorder patients self-report【Ⅰ】

I hope my experience can be your beacon, in the dark and helpless night, let you have the strength and direction to walk out of the darkness into the light.

After suffering from anxiety disorder for five years, I have come out of it. I know the pain that anxiety disorder brings. It's hard to talk to other people. They can't understand it.

The symptoms I experienced

I also went to see a psychologist. Every time I went to see a psychologist and talked to the doctor, I felt much better and my symptoms were alleviated.After leaving the hospital, the good feelings didn't last long and began to feel uncomfortable again.The psychologist had prescribed medicine and suggested to rest for a period of time, and then come back for examination. I knew at that time, it was just a psychological effect, the effect of taking medicine was not good, so I did not take medicine.Chest tightness, heart rate accelerated, dare not do strong exercise, walking will be dizzy, also dare not go out.Encounter tall buildings, I always afraid of falling objects will happen to me.

Once had a serious time, my heart is very flusters, in my own rental house, have no sense of security, the feeling of dying suddenly come strong, my God, won't the body not line? And I thought, what do I do? I don't want to die in the rental house. I'm afraid no one will know.

When the anxiety disorder outbreak, I was in a muddled state, my heart is desperate.People are going to die, feeling nothing after death, why do I have to work hard, living in the end is for what? I don't want to face it, and I don't have the courage to face these situations in life.

Occasionally, I feel like I'm going crazy, because I can't control my emotions and thoughts. The more you don't think about it, the more it comes to mind. The thought of the mind always makes me uncomfortable.


At night, when I'm alone, anxiety and fear will appear again. There is nothing uncomfortable in the body, but the heart is flustered and stuffy, can not sleep, looking for a lot of ways, practicing yoga, listening to music, and so on. I want to sleep, but I can't sleep.

Many nights, I have been making psychological counseling phone calls, accompanied by someone, but psychological counseling phone can only be half an hour. Then like this, I stayed up all night for many nights.

I used to go to bed on time. I can't believe it when I hear about other people's insomnia. Sleep is such a simple thing. How can it not be done?Now after the anxiety, I want to sleep on time, it feels like a luxury thing. I didn't sleep for three days and nights. The body is very sleepy, but is afraid to sleep, the heart is very afraid and afraid. Because of anxiety.

I used to take the car will panic, but I must go home, twork, helpless, as long as the crowded place, the subway, or confined space, the car. I was flustered and helpless. I was afraid that I would faint and feel sick.

When the outbreak of anxiety, my heart is helpless, life is not easy, why have this thing to torture me.

Cry, sometimes uncontrollably.


There is always a feeling of uneasiness. I feel like I'm having big problems with my body.

At that time, I really wanted someone to help me get out of anxiety disorder. My heart is too painful, and I don't want to be ruined by anxiety disorder.

Now, I come out and think of all the previous experience, I think I can sleep well now and can do everything I want to do, it is a great happiness, cherish the moment.


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