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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

A narration of an anxiety disorder sufferer

A narration of an anxiety disorder sufferer

Anxiety and fear are a psychological phenomenon existing by many people nowadays. I also have such friends around me,the things they worry about are often things that have not happened or even far away from them, which are just a kind of imagination.But for anxious and fearful friends, their fears are very real.In their view, their anxiety and fear are not hollow,but justified.They can't jump out of the "in case" logical circle, from the beginning can not control.

Sharing from a friend's conversation

Friend: My current symptoms are anxiety and fear, extreme fear, feel that everywhere is bacteria, in fact, I know this idea is wrong, but my psychological is this feeling.One time I was out of town on business and stayed in a remote hotel,I took a bath in the tub before I went to bed at night, and then I began to worry repeatedly about whether the tub had been used by the patient before, whether there would be virus left on the tub and then enter my body through the skin pores. The more I worried, the more I could not control my searching on the Internet, and the more I searched, the more frightening, the more I feared and the more anxious I became.

I'm half-joking: Well, I understand.

Friend:Although often hit vaccine, but also not be at ease, I often ask a doctor to the hospital.The doctor made it clear to me that it was impossible. But in the end I couldn't let go.I wondered if there was something the doctor didn't understand,whether there would be a special, and what if I got sick? So I always take a lot of medicine for no reason.

Friend:In fact, I also know that this idea is a bit ridiculous, but I just can't control to think so, it seems that there is always a feeling to remind myself that anything is possible.This kind of thought haunts me all day, let me can not live at ease, resulting in my long-term insomnia, mental state is very poor.

In fact, a lot of people in our lives have some kind of anxiety or fear.According to the World Health Organization, about a third of people worldwide suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders.

A lot of people with anxiety think, "I've eliminated this worry, I've figured this out, I've solved this problem, I've identified something, I'm ok."But in the end they keep falling into this pattern, and they keep forcing it on issue after issue.They don't know what these seeming problems are, often just a smoke bomb that forces psychological release.The real problem is not outward appearance, but his restless heart.

Tips for anxiety recovery

We must maintain a good state of mind, improve the ability to bear.

As the patient's family, friends, colleagues, to face up to the patient, more company,more listening.Try to say: It's all right, you go on, I'm listening, I understand, we're here, trying to get them out of the haze.

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