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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Causes of Anxiety Disorders

Here are the factors of my anxiety disorder:

1. The most important factor is the personality factor (or genetic factor). I have a very active brain like my mother, and I think a lot in daily life.

2. Bad living habits, including staying up late, eating irregularly, eating too much.

3. Long-term pressure: I have been in a fierce competitive environment since I was young. From junior high school to the graduation of high school, I have been studying late every night, which puts me in a state of high pressure. When I was in college, the pressure of applying for graduate school often kept me up at night because I was a very anxious person. Besides, my specialty is computer, so it is even more tired.

 4. Family factors: My mother was very strict with me when I was young, and my sister didn't like me. As a result, I accumulated a lot of negative emotions at home for a long time, and I had to suppress these emotions, which would cause internal injuries.

5. Psychological factors: The first one says that I tend to overthink, so there are often wrong hints in my mind. Simply speaking, it is hypochondria. 

PS: Part Four

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