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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

A person who Is easily anxious

A person who Is easily anxious

I am a person who gets anxious very easily. After I finish something, I usually consider the worst outcome first, and then I will be scared by myself.Before the results come out, I keep thinking about what if the results are really bad.

Since junior high school, I have been more prone to anxiety than many people. When I was in senior high school,I was under a lot of pressure,my spirit would be strained by prolonged anxiety, and the reason for my anxiety also made my body become weak.I have been very helpless and read a lot of psychological books, but the effect is not great, and did not let me achieve the results I want.So I was still in a state of anxiety. I felt very lonely, because there seemed to be no one around me like me.When I tell my friends about my troubles, they just say, "It doesn't matter, just relax."When I tell my friends about my troubles, they just say, "It doesn't matter, just relax." I'd like to think so, but it's not that simple.

Even my parents could not understand me, nor did they understand the reason for my anxiety. I was more prone to anxiety than others, and I did not know how to adjust it, which would make me feel uncomfortable.When I was really upset because of anxiety, I went to see a psychologist, because it was not very effective to read psychological books by myself, so I had to seek help from a doctor, and the end result is moderate anxiety.

I really want to live like a normal person, and I don't want to be anxious because of a little thing, so tell the doctor to help me.The doctor gave me some medicine and told me to take it on time.Doctors suggest adding some complementary treatments, psychological counseling, physical exercise, running, playing basketball, etc.The most important thing is that you should know how to relax yourself.

Just because you don't know how to relax will be more anxious than others, appropriate to give yourself a holiday, don't push yourself too hard, as long as the things done, no matter the result is good or bad, try your best.During my treatment, I have learned a lot from doctors, and at least now I know how to regulate my anxiety.

My way of dealing with anxiety is to run in the morning and take a walk after dinner in the evening. Read books and listen to music in my spare time. Do not idle at home when the holiday, can go out for a walk, to travel; These are some of the things I do when dealing with anxiety, and I hope they help you.

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