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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Personal experience about anxiety disorder

Personal experience about anxiety disorder

The hard times have finally passed

Everybody's experience and causes of anxiety are different, and the ways of recovering are not the same, so you're treating me just as one of the cases to read.

I finally escaped from this hell and lived a normal life in the sunshine. I was a nervous person, my anxiety was so strong that I had panic attacks, neuralgia, and even the urge to die. Later, I was diagnosed with serious anxiety.

First, let me describe my situation at that point:

I really don't want to remember this experience, because it hurts too much, but I have to face it. At that moment, I felt like I was coming out of hell and walking on the threshold of death, not an exaggeration.

In my second year of high school, due to the long-term accumulation of stress and problems that brought me out in anxiety, the entire mental world collapsed, and the incomparable confusion, I felt that I could not speak, extremely scared and anxious, I wiggled in class, my limbs also suffered.

I was beginning to think I would never be better in my life, and I could even feel the smell of death. My face felt like lime, my eyes dull. I was tortured out of my mind.

But I didn't want to be like that, and I was hoping to pull through. I told myself that if you don't want to die, then I should live well, but I should struggle to get out. I began my quest and tried to heal myself.

Everybody reading this post, no matter how bad you are, there's a very strong strength in your body -- a survival instinct. While your body is weak, you are still very strong. I felt better than that. You can also be the same, as long as you believe in the heart that you can improve, you will be one more step toward improvement.

Then I will begin to talk about how I take relief

I sensed that my symptoms were getting worse. So I had to abandon my exams and leave for my aunt's house in the countryside, despite the objections of my family.

During this time, I just ate or lay down, had no desire to communicate, and continued to have panic attacks every day. But coincidentally, when I jumped, my symptoms were slightly better, so I decided to try to exercise.

My anxiety started the first stage of improvement, as long as I have time, I would go to exercise, except for sleep. I'm afraid to stop, because as soon as I stopped, that kind of horrible feeling came to me.

And participating in sports and exercise, I had more contact with other people. The sport and socialization enhanced my anxiety. After that, I went on with my education.

Finally, I will summarize my approaches to anxiety relief

  • Get more sleep. People suffering from anxiety are very weak because of physical and mental symptoms, therefore enough rest is very important. 
  • Exercise. It's important, every time I move, I won't be worried, so you can try to move.
  • Participate in social activities. Communicating with others can prevent you from immerging yourself in your little world, and bring a little joy, you can also make some energetic and positive friends.


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