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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Personal Stories One-[2]

Personal Stories One-[2]

 The day after I got off the plane on the 26th, I was helping one of my friends with her groceries when I suddenly felt sick. I feel very heavy all over, my heart beats violently, and premature beats are frequent.

My friend saw this situation and immediately brought me a bench to sit down. But I just sat for a while, I suddenly felt that my heart did not beat!

I was scared immediately to stand up, and then I felt the heartbeat is back, probably because of the cause of the tension , and the heart beated faster, I lay slowly on the ground, my neck was shaking, I hurriedly took a call to my family, my parents told me that I should take a deep breath, so I did it, I felt the heart rate was stable.

Then my family asked me to turn on my phone stopwatch and put my hand on my wrist for counting my heart rate, so I did, and I counted. The result was that the heartbeat had become more and more faster, and then suddenly the heart stopped beating, a second later back.

My family told me to focus on something else. After my heartbeat was stable, I took a taxi to the hospital and went to the emergency department.

The doctor listened to it with a stethoscope for a while and said it was okay. Then I did a routine electrocardiogram, and it was okay, only showing arrhythmia. The doctor prescribed medicine and I drank it at once.

PS: part one  part three

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