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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Personal Stories One-[5]

Personal Stories One-[5]

However, the next day I was back to that feeling, but it gave me a lot of confidence. I also wondered if I should ask for the doctor's help or see if the feeling of being possessed of the soul would return.

Then I slowly learn to train my brain. It's like having a bottle of mustard oil on your stuffy nose, all the way through your nostrils! But not for long.

Then I thought now that I had confidence, I had to get serious about looking for work. Then on that day, I was completely immersed in the world and couldn't hear what the leader was talking about.

A simple thing was incredibly hard to do right now. Of course, in normal people, the first day to work, must be spirit, steady, to the leadership to give a good influence! But I can't help myself.

The family was really not easy, I did not want to give any burden and pressure to the family. I just wanted my family to understand me, to understand what I was doing, what I was in, and what depression is.

Yeah, who would have thought that. But that's the way life is. What comes to you when you least expect it.

Not long after I went to see doctor, he said that this is a classic depression, plus I had a little obsessive thinking, so this is what happens. I didn't take the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

I thought I would wait, because I was stronger than other patients, and I had skill and confidence. I did not want to take medicine, for what? In order to let oneself become more like themselves? Or to be something else, if not yourself, then who?

When I read on the Internet that some patients with depression take medicine for years, even decades, repeated attacks. I wondered if the reason of depression was chemical or psychological, and if it was chemical, what was the problem.

After some time of reflection, I decided to give up taking the medicine. I knew it would be like premature beats, and I had to accept it internally.

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