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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Personal Stories One-[6]

Personal Stories One-[6]

The first thing to do is to be self-disciplined. The first step of self-regulation is to put down the phone, because the purpose of many APPs is nothing but to deprive you of time and energy, and to make you addicted is the purpose.

 Put down your phone and start by deleting short video apps. Even if you take some time off to think, don't let the constant use of short videos eat away at your brain.

If you have more leisure, books are definitely your best choice. First, don't go to read theoretical books, go to read some famous novels.

And then It's sleep. I've been up for more than 60 hours without sleep. I want to sleep, but I can't. It's a hell of pain.

I think people with insomnia will know, so I won't elaborate. There are four things you need to do to get back to normal sleep.

First of all, set yourself a bedtime and wake up time, no matter what you are doing, and when you reach that point, you must go to bed and wake up, whether or not you had a good night's sleep.

Second, you can not sleep during the day, a lot of people in the daytime will want to make up for yesterday's insomnia. Normal people can take a nap, you know, we are not normal people now. 

Third, go to bed early and get up early. Don't stay in bed playing mobile phone.

Fourth, learn to think of nothing! Be sure to learn to think of nothing. It's more like training your brain.

You could lie in bed for an hour, two hours, three hours and still not fall asleep. Then you must learn to empty your mind and try to meditate.

And then there's exercise, whether it's premature beat, whether it's anxiety, whether it's depression. Sports not only bring some benefits to the body, more important is the physical and mental health.

Maybe you are now afraid of falling on the ground and no one to help you up as long as you go out, or there is danger everywhere, and you are afraid of the phobia of hurting yourself, but don't be afraid, even at home you can do things like cleaning, and it should be done delicately!

You can get up every morning and spend ten minutes sitting quietly on a chair meditating. It's hard to insist, but if you think it will make you feel better in the future, you have to insist.

And then, most importantly, It's hope. You must believe that you can defeat yourself! Only if the heart is strong, the disease will leave from your body.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, do you need depression or anxiety, what do you want to achieve with these diseases, to get care from others, or do you want to let someone know that you have this disease, or want to avoid work, if so, change your mind. If not, beat it yourself!

PS: part five

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