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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Self-Help Road of Panic Attacks for Me with A Master's Degree in Computer

Self-Help Road of Panic Attacks for Me with A Master's Degree in Computer

For me, the most painful process is when you don't know it's an anxiety disorder, when you don't know what to do. Before I talk about treatment, let me talk about my experience. I hope that my experience can help those who are still in the abyss of the uninformed anxiety people.

1. First Attack

It was at the end of 2006. One night, after catching a cold, I went to play badminton. When I returned to my dormitory, not long after that, my heart began to beat violently, and I felt very weak.

First of all, I went to the school hospital to do an electrocardiogram, the doctor said that there is sinus tachycardia, no big problem, but I still feel very uncomfortable. The next day I went to the hospital outside, and checked the electrocardiogram, the doctor said it might be myocarditis, I should check the myocardial enzymes.

I went there with a lot of trepidation, and the waiting process was very painful, but the results showed that everything was normal. The doctor looked at it and told me to take a rest.

But I was always surrounded by heart palpitations, insomnia, and frequent diarrhea began to occur every morning as soon as I ate.

I thought it was caused by the cold weather, so I didn't care too much about it. After the New Year, and I did an electrocardiogram, the result was also sinus tachycardia, so I decided to take a rest.

PS: Part Two

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