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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

The Third Panic Attacks

The Third Panic Attacks

When I went back to school in September 2019, I stopped taking the pills, but I often felt uncomfortable. At this time I searched the similar symptoms, anxiety, cardiac neurosis and so on.

But I didn't think I have anxiety all day. How can I have anxiety? I didn't think about it that way. Then I went traveling with my girlfriend on October 1st.

On the next day, I felt sick, and then I didn't feel well, so I went back to my room to rest. In the evening, the feeling of suffocating came back, it was hard to breathe, I couldn't breathe, I felt like I was going to die for a moment, my heart started pounding again, I went to the hospital immediately and checked electrocardiogram, heart infarction, everything was ok, we went back to home .

When I went back to school, I was determined to find out thoroughly, so I went to the hospital to do the test of doppler echocardiography, myocardial enzyme, electrocardiogram, etc., in addition to arrhythmia, there was no problems. I was wondering, what's wrong with me?

I searched some informations, found that the symptoms of anxiety disorder were similar with mine. So I went to the hospital to find an old professor, he let me do anxiety and depression test, It costed me 20 dollars, the result was mild anxiety. He was very impatient, said that you did need to take medicine.

It didn't work after two months.

Then I had diarrhea more and more serious. I can't bear it any more, I summoned up the courage to have a colonoscopy, and the result was fine. 

The doctor said I didn't have problems with my stomach, and the medicine I prescribed didn't work. After that I got more and more confused. What's wrong with me?

I went to the nephrology department again. The doctor asked me to do an electrolyte test, which showed low potassium. The doctor prescribed potassium chloride for me. 

The first day I took it, I felt strong immediately, so I thought I had hypokalemia, and I would take potassium pills whenever I was weak, but gradually it didn't work.

I did not want to go to the hospital at that moment, so I stayed at home for half a year, suffering from palpitations, insomnia and dreams, gastrointestinal discomfort, leg weakness and other symptoms.

PS: Part Two    Medical Treatment

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