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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

What is anxiety depression?

What is anxiety depression?

Depression is not a simple mood depression, it is a disease that causes disorders in the secretion of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine in the brain, and can even cause severe insomnia, rapid heartbeat, high or low blood pressure, palpitations, endocrine disorders, blurred vision, inability to concentrate on things, extreme fatigue and other related physical symptoms, and it can change a person's personality, making a person who was originally lively and cheerful become introverted and withdrawn, and also making a person with an active mind become slow and sluggish, and even do not know how to analyze the pros and cons of a problem.

So depression is not a simple emotional cold, but a serious illness that requires medical advice to be followed and scientific treatment.

How did I get anxiety depression?

I was depressed when the environment changed and I was unwilling to integrate into the new environment, lack of communication and other comprehensive factors. There are many reasons, both psychological and environmental factors.

  1. Change to an unfamiliar and dislike environment, reduce social interaction
  2. No family or friends to confide in.
  3. Endocrine disorders, acne breakouts and insomnia ;
  4. Force yourself to adapt to the life and work you don't like and have a big psychological gap.
  5. Personality defects: distrust of people, lack of close friendships, strong sense of inferiority in the family of origin, too strong personality, too much pursuit of perfection.

So I have anxiety depression seems to be accidental, but in fact it is inevitable.

Only by looking directly at our problems can we overcome them and get out of this disease.

How did I find out I was sick?

My insomnia is getting more and more serious and my spirit is poor during the daytime, I have some difficulties in focus. I was often dazed and become very haggard, many colleagues have asked me if I am not in good condition and suggested going for a health checkup. But I think because of  not  sleepinng well  at night, not necessary for medical checkup.

After that, I felt that I was having endocrine disorder. Lots of pimples appeared on my chin. Without any confidence to use cosmetics, I want to hangout with my friend when my skin is getting better. Since I had insomnia mostly on weekdays, I took the advantage of weekend to relax and rest. As the time goes by, my mental health getting worse because of day and night reversed.

I began to find it difficult when the tasks were originally simple. Efficiency of my work drop drastically. I lost my appetite, even fruits and snacks does not raise my appetite either.

Every day when I came back home, I felt tired. I was procrastinated at work, too. I often forgot things in life.

My health getting worse, I got flus frequently and often felt dizzy. When I took a nap, I felt my heart beats real quick, my body temperature increased, vision gone blur. My blood pressure became very low (often high pressure 78, low pressure 49). Therefore, I went for health checkup, and everything was normal except for sinus arrhythmia and low blood pressure, and there were no serious problems.

In this vicious circle, my state is getting more worst.

As the time flews, I found everything was so tedious in life, and suicidal thoughts often came to my mind. Not sure why is this happened, but I was wondering if I was sick.

  1. Became low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.
  2. Found myself become hesitant, can't concentrate well and couldn't judge the pros and cons of a problem.
  3. Not into socializing, prefer stay at home than going out.
  4. Lost confidence and become self-abasement
  5. Not pursuing any goals and targets
  6. Extreme thoughts such as suicide, self-harm, hatred to everything will come to mind.
  7. Severe insomnia, hair loss, endocrine disorders, heart rhythm disorders and high body temperature, always felt that I was going to fall sick.


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