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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

8 ways to ease your pet's separation anxiety

8 ways to ease your pet's separation anxiety

I don't know if you have ever experienced such a situation: as long as you are at home, the pet is cute and sensible, but once you leave it at home, it will keep "whining" when you go out, hoping to keep you.When you walk out the door and come back, you'll find that your house full of mess, like it has been bombed, and the obvious culprit is the pet you left behind.

If your pet whines and becomes disruptive every time you leave the house, it may be suffering from separation anxiety.

You can tell by setting up a camera or watching the monitor if it's boring or if it's really separation anxiety.If it just barks a few times and starts playing on its own, and it starts to break behavior in a few hours, it's just too boring;Separation anxiety, on the other hand, causes pets continue to "whine" and immediately start destructive behavior. If the pet is really anxious, the owner can try the following methods to ease its anxiety.

1. Improve the "exit mechanism"

There's a process of getting your pet used to the thing that you're going out,at first you can leave briefly and then come back quickly, such as when you go to the toilet and leave it alone in the house;Then gradually increase the time, can be to go to the supermarket, go out to dinner or other.Don't let your pet face the fact that you won't be home all day at first. It's hard for pets to accept.

2. Let them play exhausted

Before you go out can accompany it to play for a while or take it to exercise, fatigue helps sleep, play tired it does not care if you are not in but go to bed.

3. Reduce the external attraction to it

If your pet barks at a bird outside the window, when you leave,close the curtains and don't let it see the bird.If it gets crazy because of the footsteps outside the door, when you go out,you can turn on the TV and distract it.

                                              Image Source:Pexels

4. Hide things that will remind him of you

This could be a ball, a teaser stick, or anything you often play with it, and when see them your pet will think of you and go into separation anxiety mode.

5. Leave him toys to amuse himself

A tank of fish or a bubble screensaver on a computer screen can be a good way to get the cat's attention and let it temporarily forget that you're not in this fact.

A box of toys or a bone can be a good way to calm a dog's mood so that it doesn't get bored. But remember, this thing can't be something you often play with it.

6. Use smells to calm them down

For example, the pheromone used to soothe a dog will smell like a mother dog, which will make the pet feel reassured.

Clothes and objects with the owner's smell can also reassure pets,and they will lie down to play or sleep on them.

7. Leave some of his favorite snacks

Food can relieve anxiety, and their favorite snacks can make them feel a little happier,but don't give them too much, overeat is not good.By the way, water should not be less, not only to ease the pet's anxiety but also to ensure its health.

8. Find a companion for it

As a last resort, find a companion for your pet,so they can play together when you're not at home, but the side effect is that the damage may double...

Hope that these methods can help you with the same trouble, so that the next time you get home do not have to face the impact of "surprise", do not have to listen to the neighbors' complaints!

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