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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

9 Ways to Fight Anxiety

9 Ways to Fight Anxiety

The sleepless night, the sleepless morning, the overcrowded subway, the overloaded shopping cart, and the anxiety swirling around us like smog. If you have 99 ways to be happy on smoggy days, you must also have 9 ways to combat anxiety.

I share 9 ways I fight anxiety. May you be soft and strong, calm but strong.


To combat anxiety, reading deserves to be at the top of the list because it is a life tranquilizer.

Reading method, I recommend paper books, mobile phone reading is easy to be distracted, read two pages to go to check the circle of friends.

After all, sometimes something blundering and lacking in nutrition is more appealing because it's lively, immersive and mindless. When you put down your phone, your anxiety increases. Why am I doing this when everyone else is?

In fact, you're just comparing your boring time with someone else's interesting time.

Keep doing one small thing

Consistency will form habits, and habits will give you a sense of stability. Even if you wash your face with cold water, soak your feet with wormwood, or put on makeup, these seemingly insignificant things will give you a sense of accomplishment every day.

People are in the habit to find a sense of security, the more stubborn your habit, the more persistent, the easier to find yourself.

Take some time each day to clean up memory

We produce garbage every day in the process of running, which takes up memory and slows down the speed of thinking.

Ever since I went into my bedroom without my phone, I spent the time before I went to sleep clearing the memory.

Reduce mistakes

Mistakes can increase a person's anxiety. You avoid mistakes and, in a sense, you avoid anxiety.

In terms of work, we must pay attention to the power of the process, and refine each work into more steps to ensure the accuracy of each step, so as to avoid mistakes to the maximum extent.

Time management

Daily anxiety is often caused by a sense of powerlessness and requires strong action to overcome it. Making a schedule, and sticking to it, is a very effective way to overcome anxiety.

The schedule should be neither too loose, which can lead to procrastination, nor too tight, which can create new anxiety about not being able to finish.

Rank your schedule by the most important, the second most important, and the least important. No matter how interested you are in the least important, allocate time according to the level and do the most important things first.

Only when the most important things have been done can you do those unimportant things that you love with a relaxed mind and get pleasure from them.

Watch the circle of friends with a binge-watching mentality

The circle of friends is worth taking a moment. They are essential sources of information and the way we interact with people. But do not take it too seriously, and do not have a strong sense of substitution, most people in the circle of friends are the performance of their most brilliant side.

The circle of friends, one is very bad, one is very good. But you will find that the circle of friends they spawn is also of idol level.

Fight anxiety with effort

For a few days last month, I was particularly anxious because a job went awry. My way of coping with this anxiety was to use every possible connection in my phone's contact book to solve it, no matter how hopeful it was.

In the process of communication, I get some new information and inspiration. After hope is shattered, I keep building new hope. As long as hope is always more than disappointment, anxiety will not deteriorate into despair.

Why do we always emphasize the importance of hard work? Just because it can fight anxiety. Although some efforts may be in vain, there is joy and hope in the process, and the ups and downs are better than living in a deep well of anxiety.

Spend time with people who bring you peace

1+1﹥2, some of which are the sum of happiness, some of which are the sum of anxiety.

Keeping a distance from those who cause you anxiety is responsible for yourself.Maybe when you get stronger and come back to them, you can be like the sun, illuminating the darkness, but not now.

Put Loss in Perspective

When you lose, possession comes. Possessing and losing are a pair of energy balance relationship, loss is gain, gain is loss.

Often loss is sharp, you are more likely to feel its existence, and possession, is recessive, need time to polish and feel.

We are often sensitive to loss and insensitive to possession. when your stomach hurts, you can feel the presence of the stomach, and when you do not feel the presence of the stomach, is the most comfortable state.

When loss is standing in front of you, try to find the shadow of possession, even if it is only the possibility of getting, will make you up again.

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