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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

A Quick Way To Get Rid Of Your Anxiety

A Quick Way To Get Rid Of Your Anxiety

Unlimited acknowledgement !!!

Such as:
Scene 1:
Feel the work is too difficult, do not want to do, start to procrastinate, anxiety. Simply say to yourself, "Yes! I admit it! I'm really miserable with this job." Then you suddenly feel calm and turn on your computer to get back to work!! Refuse to procrastinate, my friends ~ ~ I am so poisoned by procrastination.

Scene 2:

The takeout order has not been delivered to me when it is time. I start to dial my cell phone and walk around anxiously. Say to yourself: "Yes, I admit it, I'm hungry and I'm annoyed that I'm so late for takeout." You will instantly calm down and wait patiently.

Scene 3:
Every time I take a plane, I get very anxious and feel very stuffy, and I say to myself, "Oh my God, I'll admit it, I'm a little upset."

This little technique is known as "acceptance of self", and I used to use a lot of deep breathing and visualization, to little effect for me. Recently, I finally know how to do it. Whenever I am anxious, I just say a word to myself. I hope it's helpful to you.

【 Although it seems to be just an ordinary sentence, but the effect is very good, be sure to say it out, read or whisper a few words in your heart, you will instantly feel calm and relaxed. 😉】

Accept yourself and admit your imperfections, because no one is perfect.

However, I've noticed that some of you are being too hard on yourself. When you use this little technique, you unconsciously attach a label to yourself. For example: "Yes, this one is hard. I admit I'm crap."

Here's a reminder 🔔, I think accepting yourself is an objective statement of what happens. "It's a tough one. Oh, I admit it. It gives me a headache." And stop there.

Be sure not to go on exaggerating the case.

What does exaggeration mean?
1. The wrong thinking: "This is too hard! This job is too hard! I can't do it!"
Most of the results of this thinking are: procrastination, lying down, then anxiety, continuing to talk, lying down...

This is due to cognitive distortions: overspeculation, delusions about things that haven't happened yet. As long as you get rid of this delusional thinking, negative emotions Byebye.

2. Another kind of wrong thinking: "OK, I'll admit it's too hard, I'm anxious... Why are others better than me? I'm a loser, a fool! '

The result: more frustration, anger, frustration...

This is exaggerating, denying and labeling yourself. You think about it. Are you sure you're a bum? Who labeled you growing up? Who else but yourself? Did they call you crap for 24 hours? Think of it as if there's no one watching you except yourself... Besides, it hasn't been done yet, how do you know it can't? Oh, you'll say, I've failed before, I've never done well. Here, we go back to the above 👆 no one is perfect, wake up, don't magnify their shortcomings, think about it, you still finished the boring work and study again and again ~ ~

Please don't wallow in the mud.

Welcome to share with you the anti-depression and anti-anxiety methods.

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