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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Face anxiety - Try slowing yourself down

Face anxiety - Try slowing yourself down

For anxiety disorders, it really seems that one thing works for anyone.

It is: slow down.

Anxiety keeps your mind in a fast-forward state instead of playing at a normal speed. It's not easy to slow this fast-forward speed down, but slowing it down really helps. Anxiety takes out all the commas and periods that we need to keep our minds on track, and here are some ways to add them back in.

Yoga. I used to avoid yoga, but now I am a yoga believer. Yoga is great. Unlike other therapies, it treats the mind and body as a whole.

Slow down your breathing. No need to breathe deeply. Breathe gently. Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds. It's harder to stick to, but relaxed breathing can be effective in avoiding panic attacks. Too many symptoms of anxiety — dizziness, tingling — are directly related to shortness of breath.

Meditation. No need to chant scripture. Sit down, take 5 minutes and try to imagine something that calms you- a boat moored in the sea glistened in the sunlight, the face of a lover. Or just focus on your breath.

Acceptance. Don't fight it, just feel it. Tension comes from opposition, relaxation comes from letting go.

Live in the moment. Meditation master Amit Ray says, “If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”

Love. American author Anaïs Nin considers anxiety to be “Anxiety is love's greatest killer”. Fortunately, love is also the greatest killer of anxiety. Anxiety is a disease that we are bound by our own nightmares. But love is the outward force, the way to get rid of our fears. Although often misunderstood, anxiety is not the same as selfishness. If your leg is on fire, it is natural for you to be filled with pain and fear of fire; you cannot say that this is selfish.

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