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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Fitness is the best suitable way for anxiety sufferers

Fitness is the best suitable way for anxiety sufferers

Before discussing fitness, it is important to understand the pain caused by anxiety.

First, please answer three questions below.

1. Are these feelings really psychological pain?

No, the vast majority of these are real physical feelings.

2. Since it is a somatic sensation, but we can't detect any abnormalities in the hospital, why?

It's because anxiety messes up your nerves.
Our body has an autonomous nervous system, which includes sympathic and parasympathetic nerves. Both are balanced and regulated.

But when a person is suffering from chronic stress, the balance of sympathizing and parasympathetic nerves is disrupted. They become arbitrary or extremely sensitive. The pain experienced by people suffering from anxiety disorders comes from the pain caused by this neurological disturbance, and not from a real physical disease.

3. In the final analysis, how do you alleviate the suffering caused by anxiety?

Because the disorder of the nervous system is caused by emotions like chronic tension and stress and fear. Then all our efforts should avoid placing us in these negative emotions, so that autonomous disorders will be reduced, and painful feelings will be greatly relieved.

4. Relax and let yourself be at peace.

Therefore, the goal of our fitness is not to develop muscles, or lose weight and get into better shape. On the contrary, it is for relaxing the body by way of fitness.

5. Points to note when exercising.


Breathe as deeply as possible, uniformly and thoroughly, not too quickly. Do not breathe hard.

Amount of exercise

There should be no excessive amount of exercise. If you feel fatigue and muscle aches the next day, you overdose it.

Avoiding strenuous exercise

Try to select a sport for one person, avoid too many people or group sports. For instance, avoid high-intensity competitive projects, such as basketball and soccer sports. Fatigue and tension will only aggravate autonomous disorders.

Positive Psychological Suggestions

During the exercise, I said to myself: My body will improve. I can run and jump right now, and I'm alive and healthy. ” Trust your body, never doubt yourself, and stop doubting your disease.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise and relax completely. Exercise until your body becomes warm, slightly moist and comfortable.

 Why aerobic exercise?

NO.1  Jogging

Do not challenge your limits by jogging, you can walk fast when you are tired of running and then keep jogging when your breathing is equal.

NO.2  Aerobics (for girls)

Find some videos from the Internet, follow the teacher, listen to the music and dance, you'll be in a good mood. Too much exercise is not good for us. It is very easy to follow every day as well.

NO.3  Medium-intensity strength training (for boys)

Lifting dumbbell and playing with the equipment are still quite an achievement. But we need to control the weight and number of sets. 

Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and other aerobic exercises also can be done.

Everything will be fine.

Just do it.

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