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How is Dyslexia (Compulsive Reading Disorder) triggered? How to treat it effectively.

How is Dyslexia (Compulsive Reading Disorder) triggered? How to treat it effectively.

2021/10/15, By Mia Smith

I was previously severely dyslexic and generally classified as reading compulsive (researchers categorized inaccurately, never mind, know it is the same thing). At first, I also wanted to read more carefully and accurately, and then I deliberately slowed down and read one word at a time. It lasted for a long time. Later, like many people, want to see a little faster, deliberately pursuing speed, speed up. I have also used those of you who sweep faster and so on. Like some people, I also found that reading memory is not very good, and I can only access part of the content. Just start remembering as you read. And all the other symptoms. The result was eight years of dyslexia, and then, later on, I could not read anything at all, I was stuck, could not read, my nerves were tense, I could not understand a single bit of content, and I could not remember anything. Later a simple question stem had to be read for more than 10 minutes, and then still could not understand the meaning. 

The main behaviors of people with dyslexia are.

1. Deliberately speed up reading for long periods.

Many people feel that the reading speed is too slow, only a few pages an hour to read the book, and then start to speed up deliberately, you know what the result, brain nerves tight, comprehension decline, can not remember things, can not read the content, feel the reading is not smooth.

2. Deliberately slow down the reading speed.

Want to read more carefully, do not want to miss the content, it is a word by word reading, afraid to miss. In fact, after a while, you will find that not only is the reading inefficient, the effect is also terrible, and comprehension decreases when reading something.

3. Some people deliberately make their eyes look faster to improve reading speed.

This is entirely undesirable, not only the eye itself is uncomfortable, it will be difficult to see things you can not see, comprehension effect is not good, the quality of reading will be terrible.

4. Many people notice that they cannot remember well when reading, and when they deliberately try to remember while reading, it does not take long to get a stuck reading or even dizzy.

5. Paying too much attention to the reading process, afraid of missing something and double-checking.

6. Many people notice the voice in their head when they read and feel annoyed, so they deliberately try to suppress it and control it, and then they cannot understand anything when they read.

These six behaviors can cause severe dyslexia (a.k.a. reading compulsion), which can eventually lead to reading difficulties, reduced comprehension, reduced reading quality, and reading jams.

Many people have noticed this phenomenon and have felt that doing these acts will indeed cause abnormalities, otherwise, how will come to ask questions and care about these issues. Everyone is the same. These behaviors can not do, a do will be difficult, this is certain.

Here are my suggestions :

  • Everyone's reading speed is certain, is very stable, do not go to speed deliberately, do not deliberately speed up or slow down, there is no sense. To tell you an elementary truth, speeding up and slowing down is to devote attention to the process of acceleration and deceleration you are already doing an act, you still care to read the content of the article? Can you still care about understanding the content inside? Do not go to the speed regulation. There is no point. You will only get sick.

  • Don't expect to remember everything you read when you read. Reading and memorizing are two different processes, and if you want to remember it all, you have to spend time specifically finding time to remember. The main function of reading is to catch keywords, understand what is inside, and remember a little bit of the key points by the way.
  • To tell you a very normal physiological phenomenon, everyone reading the text, the mind is required to read out the text, only then can understand the meaning. Please do not feel that it is abnormal, do not control to suppress it, or you can not read.
  • The normal reading state is the best for reading quality, comprehension, and the ability to catch the key points. Do not expect to slow down and read word by word, and you will understand more thoroughly. Don't expect you to speed up either, too. Once you go to speed up deliberately, you will not understand the content of the article. In short, in a word, don't influence reading behavior.

Don't do any of the above behaviors that cause dyslexia.

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