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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Recovery points for anxiety disorders

Recovery points for anxiety disorders

Enough Sleep

People with anxiety disorders undergo a painful ordeal, especially in severe cases, where the person's essence is depleted under a continuous state of stress, which, as I said earlier, is a state of overdrawn life. And once the situation has improved, out of the stress state, sleep will slowly recover, the vicious cycle is then broken, and begins to enter a benign recovery mode, recovery to a certain extent, you will usher in a mode that you did not dare to imagine before: sleepy mode.

Since the body's mental energy is heavily overdrawn, the body's own repair functions begin to activate as soon as conditions allow, and an important part of self-repair is the need for good sleep, which the body uses to repair by regulating your sleep schedule and using more and better sleep. Therefore, if you recover well, sleepiness will probably be a pattern that you will inevitably experience.

Rich Nutrition

After a long period of consumption, patients with anxiety disorders are in a state of malnutrition, especially those with acute anxiety disorders, and often experience a sharp loss of weight.With anxiety disorders, the heart and indigestion bear the brunt of the effects, and patients suffer from decreased absorption and chronic diarrhea. During this difficult phase, no longer having an appetite, patients have to force themselves to eat in order to keep their body functions functioning.

After the condition improved, sleep returned and appetite likewise became better. The repair of the nervous system requires not only good sleep, but also nutritional supplements. Therefore, it is normal for patients to eat more at this time, which is a reflection of the recovery of the gastrointestinal function and the functioning of the body's repair function. The patient's body needs to be repaired comprehensively, not only the nervous system, but also the mental energy needs to be replenished and the weight needs to be restored in order to improve immunity and resistance.

Therefore, at this time, patients should not be afraid of gaining weight. It is untimely for you to think about losing weight while your body is voraciously absorbing nutrients for full repair. Weight control can wait until after complete healing.

Regular work and rest

The human body has its own operating rules, called the biological clock, if you change your habits, the body also has the ability to adjust to the new work and rest time, the formation of a new routine. For example, long-term night shift people, and day shift people's biological clocks are different, after returning from a trip abroad, to reverse the jet lag. But if you change your work and rest habits too often, for example, you go to bed early, then sleep late, then exercise in the morning, then exercise at night, the body will be at a loss, it is difficult to adapt, which leads to biological clock disruption, affecting the normal operation of the body.

Therefore, we should try to make our life routine, sleep, wake up, eat, exercise, all relatively fixed, so that our bodies can adapt .

In addition, it is best for anxiety patients to follow some scientific common sense, like insisting on early to bed and early to rise, ensuring enough sleep, not overeating, not strenuous exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, abstaining from sex, not drinking strong tea and coffee, not eating spicy food, getting more sun, more outdoor exercise, and so on.

Lots of exercise

Exercise is the best complementary treatment for anxiety disorders. Exercise not only strengthens the body, but also makes people pleasurable. People with anxiety often have doubts about their physical health, and exercise can increase our confidence in our own health.

This title I thought about using the right amount, a sufficient amount, and finally decided to use a large amount, is to highlight the importance of exercise.

Many people with anxiety disorders lacked exercise before they got the disease, and staying up late and being sedentary was not a problem. After having anxiety disorders, one should have known to exercise, but too little exercise is not useful. Moderate exercise is a normal person's fitness method, as an auxiliary treatment, anxiety disorder patients should try to increase the amount of exercise (the usual lack of exercise to gradually increase the amount of exercise), prolong the exercise time, so as to give full play to the auxiliary therapeutic effect of exercise.

Anxiety patients should not exercise too intensely, brisk walking, jogging, cycling is more appropriate, I just adhere to the daily walking not less than 15,000 steps (time for more than two and a half hours, the actual often break 20,000 steps). Yoga and other traditional exercise methods are also very good, but it is important to adhere to. Meditation retreat is also a method of exercise, but more difficult to master.

Outdoor exercise, where patients can connect their attention to outside sights and people while exercising, is my most recommended form of exercise.

Relaxed environment

Stress, especially persistent stress, is one of the culprits of anxiety disorders, and even for many patients, stress is the main reason why they get anxiety disorders. Short-term, limited stress is good to stimulate one's will to fight and creativity, but stress beyond tolerance and persistent stress can strike and damage one's nervous system, thus causing one to step into the painful abyss of neurosis.

If this stress continues, it is very difficult to heal your anxiety disorder. Therefore, after having anxiety disorder, de-stressing is a must for us. Generally speaking, after experiencing a panic attack or something painful like that, the patient will suddenly understand that health is the first thing, and for most of the original stress from work and life, he will naturally have put it down without you having to teach him. However, some pressures are difficult to easily relieve, such as divorce, the death of a loved one, etc.

In addition, new pressures have arrived. One is from within, the pressure of the anxiety disorder itself: Will it get better? When will it get better? Will it get worse, will it get cancer, depression, schizophrenia? What if the medication has toxic side effects and breaks my body? What if I relapse in the future ......

The other is from the outside, the pressure of social prejudice formation: to get this disease is your psychological weakness, not enough willpower, too idle, or the pursuit of perfection, character defects, in a word, you are self-inflicted; this disease is a psychological disease, taking medicine will never get better, must be strong psychological change inside to be good; must find the root cause of psychological problems and solve it, in order to go to the root, completely cured; you must accept everything , and it is really accepted to be useful ......

With so much heavy pressure, the patient's psychological capacity is greatly tested, improper response, listening to the blackmail network rumors, is tantamount to lifting stones to hit their own back, adding pressure to yourself , even if you do not have psychological problems, you will also make problems.

Moreover, being under the sway of the nervous system, the patient's psychology itself is pathological.

Busy life

I saw in a book, busy, can cure almost psychological problems, I think it is quite reasonable.

Morita therapy's do what comes naturally and do what is right is to let you do things, not wait for the desire to do things before you do them, but do them now; one of the three great treasures taught in 《Self-Help for Mental Anxiety Disorder》 is work, which is to let you do things.

To do something, it is important to pay attention to two principles: one is to do what you can afford to do, and the other is to do what is not stressful. It is better to do what you like, but this is not a reason for you not to do something.

The way to do things can be divided into inside and outside, you can do things at home, such as doing some housework, making some small inventions; you can also go out to do things, such as taking a walk, taking pictures of the landscape. If your nervous system is not so sensitive, you can get together with friends and sing songs.

Can also be divided into brain and physical power. Physical strength is easy to understand, like climbing mountains and shopping. brain power? For example, I like to study the pathology of anxiety disorders, you can study it, which is also using the brain. even if online shopping , watch movies and TV shows. Anyway, find a way to fill up your free time. 


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