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No anxiety, no fear, no insomnia, feel your calm

Life Coach & Hypnotherapist Joanna Ward

Joanna Ward, a professional Life Coach / Hypnotherapistour collaborator. 

Here is her self-introduction:

During my more than ten years as a primary teacher, it was a constant struggle to reconcile the demands of the workload with my need for a healthy, balanced life.

Like so many people in the profession, prolonged stress tipped over into an Anxiety Disorder. I took myself in hand, and brought me back to a calmer place.

Qi Gong helped, but so did adjust my expectations. Now I’m the life coach and hypnotherapist, I wish I’d had them. People come to me — especially teachers and other stressed-out professionals — because they know I know what it's like.

Plus, I have the tools to help them really get to a place where they can begin to leave Anxiety behind them, and get back to fulfilling their potential, and living a happier, healthier life.

Here is some information about her:


Contact Information: (Please do not spam to her, If you need help, please mention your purpose, also, please mention “From Sandaki” on the subject.)


Charge Fees: $130/h

Click here to know more information about her: Linkedin